Best office Chair for Lower Back Pain Under $300 in 2021

Are you looking for Best office chair for lower back pain under $300 in 2021 for your office or are you doing work from home? I Brought 9+ chairs for my office and I done much enough research on which chair is perfect for me.

That’s why I am writing this article for help you which is looking for best office chairs in 2021 and have lots of confusion regarding this also you can’t able decide which type of office chair perfect for you. Then you are absolutely perfect place because on this site provide Suggestion based on personal experience.

There are so many options available for you but not every chair would be perfect for you. Today I am Give Full Details of 10 Best chairs which is 100% perfect for you.

In this world of IT approximately 60% of employees are working on computer or laptop and that needs a good office chair which is must be perfect and comfortable for employee for work concentration. 

Best office Chair for Lower Back Pain Under $300 Best office Chair for Lower Back Pain Under $300


Here is the list of the best office chair that you can buy online in 2021 for work from home purpose or even for students as well.

1. Arozzi Vernessa Series Super Premium Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair, Red

Features of Arozzi Vernazza Series Super Premium Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair:

  •  This Chair Is Budget Friendly.
  • It’s more breathable than a leather chair.
  • Neck pillow available
  • Adjustable angle between 12 – 180 degree
  • 3D Height adjustable armrests
  • Head pillow also available
  • Amazing Lumbar support
  • Ideal for no-compromise gamers, Executive boardrooms, big and tall users
  • Weight Capacity 360 lbs.

According to above features and my experience with that chair this office chair is one of the best chair that you can buy near 400$. This chair specially designed keeping in mind that you will seat and work for such a long duration of time like 8-10 Hours.

This chair is the Best high back ergonomic office Chair. I thought that this chair will be sure beneficial for you in lots of ways that’s why I added this chair at First Position.

This chair is built in such a great way that you can seat and work for a longer time period and you will not face any body pain like back pain or any other kind of issues.

This chair is specially made for a men likes me who have to seat on chair and do work for a longer time. I myself use this office chair because this is super comfortable for me as well it will be super comfortable for you too.

In this chair you will not only able to adjust your armrest but also you will be able to adjust the backrest and the height of the chair. Back side of this office chair is made by mesh which means small holes are there on the back side of chair so that air can flow easily.

The cushion of this chair is very soft and fabric is also so soft which is allows air to flow more easily compared to any other chairs. That means more comfort and it also reduces the fatigue of sitting on chair for a longer time.

If you are looking for Best Office chairs in 2021 than we highly recommended Arozzi Vernazza Series Super Premium Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair because this is not just a chair but it will helps you to work for longer time and most important thing with high comfortable and less tiring. This chair is may be little bit expensive for you but trust me it’s highly worth it and this is Best Office chair in 2021 that you can buy online.

2. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair with Flip-Up Arms

Features of Featherlite Liberate Medium Back Office Chair

  •  It has Effective Lumbar back support
  • This chair has Firm comfortable seat cushion
  • This chair has Weight Capacity is 150 Kg
  • It has Adjustable armrest
  • Multiblock Synchro Mechanism
  • Mesh Back for better air flow
  • This chair is comes with 1 Years warranty

No doubt this office chair is one of the best office chair in 2021 because it has much enough features to be best office chair for you. This type of high quality mostly not available in such a cheap rate it always be expensive but I researched a lot and got this chair.

This chair has all feature which could be in best chair like comfort and cheap in price.

This office chair is just the best. It has got all the features and comfort that you need in a good office chair to have. Buying this office chair is not going to be a bad decision trust me.

This chair specially made keeping in mind all those back pain and comfort. If you seat hours on normal chair you must have a problem of back pain. If you seat many hours on this chair you don’t have issues like back pain.

The most important is this chair is comes with adjustable armrest where you can move arm rest up-down based on your requirements. And also this chair has high quality caster wheels with nylon structure that has been used for better durability of chair.

This chair can handle maximum 150kg weight. Over all the build quality of this chair is really good and this is also comfortable. If you are planning to buy cheap and perfect chair under 150$ then Featherlite Liberate Medium Back Office Chair is Perfect choice for you.

3. Wipro Furniture Medium Back Executive Office Chair

Features of Wipro Furniture Medium Back Executive Office Chair:

  • This Chair Has Synchro Tilt Mechanism
  • It’s Has Adjustable Seat Height and Adjustable Arm rests.
  • This Chair Has Soft Cushion Seat
  • It Have Nylon base and nylon castors
  • Single point tilt system
  • This chair has 1 year limited warranty
  • Free assembly available

This is another office chair which has really high quality as compared to its price. Trust me it’s very good deal for you in this price.

Build quality of this chair is really good and this chair has tilt mechanism which allows users to tilt even while resting their feet on the floor. And also you can easily adjust height of the armrest of this chair bases on your requirements and comfort.

This chair best for you if you have any office or if you are planning to buy office chair for work from home purpose and if you have any kids which is doing study then this chair would be best for him / here because you can adjust the height of the seat. He / she easily seat on this chair and study for longer time period.

If you have confusion about which office chair for you then Wipro Furniture Medium Back Executive Office Chair absolutely a best office chair which you can buy in 2021.

4. INNOWIN Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

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Features of INNOWIN Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair:

  • It Has Ergonomic Lumbar Back Support
  • Breathable Mesh backrest
  • This Chair Has Adjustable Armrest
  • Supports Heavy Duty Single Lock Synchro Mechanism
  • It Has Maximum Weight Capacity is 120 kg

According to above features this chair is definitely one of best office chair you can buy in cheap rate in 2021. You don’t have to think more about this chair because this chair best in all way. There are no doubt about that this chair one of the best chair which is most sold in 2020.

The quality of the cushion is really good I will give guarantee about it. Fabric used to making of this chair’s seat is mesh fabric which is much enough soft to support you for longer period of time during working.

You can also adjust the lumber to align the back of this chair simply with your spine which is most useful aspect of any office chair and this chair has small holes in the backside that’s why air can flow freely. This will definitely help you not get sweaty back even if you seat for a longer duration of time like many hours.

In this chair has most important feature that you can adjust the height of armrest as well but only you can adjust up and downward. Overall this chair has all feature which is included in perfect office chair.

If you have less budget and you are planning to buy best office chair in cheap rate then INNOWIN Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair is Best choice for you.

5. APEX Chairs Apollo Plus HIGH Back Office Chair

Features of APEX Chairs Apollo Plus HIGH Back Office Chair:

  • This office chair has Length (25 Inches), Width (26 Inches) & Height (48 to 53 Inches)
  • Mesh backrest for good airflow also available
  • You can adjust lumbar back support
  • Headrest is there
  • It can handle 100 kg maximum weight
  • It has adjustable back and armrest

How can I explain feature of this chair with you I don’t have any words because this chair is also amazing like above four chairs. This office chair is going to be really comfortable and really soft for you without any doubt. This is second best office chair that you can buy in 2021 under 150$.

This chair also be a good choice if you are doing work from home on computer or laptop because it’s much comfort and soft as compared to other cheap rate office chairs.

If you have any kids which is want to do study on chair then this is best option for your child because this chair is more comfortable as well as soft too.


If you are people like me who spend approximately 10-12 hours of time on computer then this is best because I am already using this chair at my home on my daily works like writing articles for you or surfing on internet to learn new things and grow my knowledge.

Most likely feature if this chair is it’s comes with 360 degree swivel so that you can move in any direction and turn around and do anything which you want to do. This is one of my favorite feature of this chair because before I brought this chair I have to stand-up for some work which can be done easily by turning around.

This chair is also a perfect for my little brother because I can adjust the height of the armrest based on my little brother’s preference. Not just I can even adjust the tilt angle of the backrest and headrest as well. This chair is also gives you that independence of adjustment in any possible way what you want because it’s adjustable in all way as per requirements.

If you ask me to tell some overall words about this chair than I can say that this is a really good office chair which is comfortable, sturdy and good build quality And I highly recommend APEX Chairs Apollo Plus HIGH Back Office Chair which could be best office chair in 2021 to buy online.

I hope you have been decided to buy office chair for your office or work from home purpose but go alone with only office chair would definitely injurious to your floor by scratches because of office chair’s wheels.

If you want to read more about how chair mats are helps you to reduce office maintenance cost and save floors to get damaged then you definitely read our guide on Best 9+ Floor Mats for Office Chair That You Can Definitely Buy in 2021 and get all information why chair mats are so important in office or workplace at home.

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