How to Choose Best Yoga Mat for beginners 2021

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Today I am going to tell you that How to Choose Best Yoga Mat for beginners in 2021 because perfect yoga mats perform such a great role in yoga. It’s all about Combination of Smoothness and Comfort.

If you are planning to buy Perfect Yoga mat and you don’t have any idea about which type of mats are perfect for you then you are at right place because I am doing yoga from more than 5 Years and I have much enough knowledge about mats and yoga.

So, I am able to guide you for best yoga mats for you and I decided to write full detailed article on how to choose perfect yoga mats for beginners.

If you are just started doing yoga that means you are beginner in yoga and you have to learn more things related to yoga. Yoga is best meditation that’s why everyone have to do yoga in free time and live healthy life.

As a beginner in yoga you have to do short and straightforward yoga sessions, getting comfortable in basic yoga poses and do regular practice minimum 3 days a week.How to Choose Best Yoga Mat for beginners 2021

Thing to Consider before Buying Perfect yoga mat for you:      

When you are an absolute beginner and you don’t have any experience in yoga in this position the grip and thickness of mat is matter a lot. If you are doing normal yoga styles like Hatha, Yin, Prenatal which is required more grip with floor, you will want a greater level of comfort.

You have to choose a mat between 5 to 8 mm thick to help your body joints. Another thing is that mat is how comfortable to carry because it’s not possible to do yoga every day at home, you have to go outside of home anytime. That’s why yoga mat must be comfortable to carry without any problem.

12-13 Years ago you have only one choice of mats which is made by PVC and noted for its stickiness and you have to choose only two colours Purple mat or Blue mat but now a days everyone’s choice is different and all types of mats are available easily nowadays.

Your yoga mat needs to keep you stable in your yoga poses and it must be storable and portable, if you want to buy environmentally friendly mats. Think about how the mat is made, how much thick it is and which materials are used to making of this mat and its surface texture.

How to Choose Best Yoga Mat for beginners 2021

How to Choose Best Yoga Mat for beginners 2021

I will guide you to which various quality makes any yoga mat perfect for you and you can choose perfect yoga mat for you which is best and comfortable for you.


You should thinking about why it’s important: mats thickness is most important because if your mat are too thin then your knee may be get banged up during crescent lunge. You have to choose mat which has perfect thickness as per your requirements and suits to your budget.

Options: Standard yoga mat has about 1/8 inch thickness. There are also wafer-thin yoga mats available. If you have required to buy 1/6 inch thick mat than you have also choice for that which are fold easily and it’s has less weight as compared to other mats.

Some Basic Guidelines for Buy Perfect Yoga Mat as a Beginner: First You have to consider how much place you have to stow your yoga mat, how important portability is and where is perfect spot to comfort versus being able to feel direct connection to the floor its most important.

If you have less space to slow yoga mat then you can do just a little padding, opt for a standard-depth mat, in the 1/8 inch range.

If you don’t want to carry mat anywhere during travelling then you can choose Premium Yoga Mat which is ¼ inch thick and if you want to pack yoga mat in suitcase during travelling then you can choose Foldable Travel Yoga Mat.


Why material is important: you have to choose yoga mat by considering material your yoga mat is made of dictates its texture, stickiness, echo-friendliness and sponginess and also how it wears over time.

Options: Standard yoga mats are made by PVC or known as vinyl. Newer mats are more earth friendly option to buy because it include natural and recycled rubber, jute and some organic cotton or natural cotton.

Some Basic Buying Guidelines: if you have Allergy to latex then avoid to buy which is made by natural rubber. If you want to buy true sticky mat then buy or choose yoga mat which is made out of PVC.  


The texture is most important because it’s dependent for yoga mat perfectness. Texture is must be relevant to the mat       stickiness, texture affects how much mat are slipping and sliding you do.

Texture is perfect then you don’t have much problem and It’s provides physical barriers to sliding and because texture affects the way a yoga mat feels, it’s also all about a component of overall comfort.

Options: there are verity of options available with good texture which suits as per your requirements.

Some basic buying guidelines: If you are looking for yoga mat for you that prevents slipping and you don’t like PVC mats then you can go with rubber, jute, or cotton yoga mat that has a raised and tactile pattern.

If your first priority is smoothness then you must have to choose PVC yoga mats, you don’t have any other options.


A perfect sticky yoga mat keeps you from sliding all over the places and helps you to maintain your alignment as you move from one pose to another place and as well as when you hold poses for several seconds too.

Options: PVC yoga mats have the highest sticky factor and it holds you on floor or any other places with more stickiness.

Some basic buying guidelines: if you are looking for mat which is help you to staying on a yoga mat when you are doing yoga poses and you are sleeping then PVC mats will be perfect choice for you and make sure PVC mats are cleaned because it will be sticky when it’s completely cleaned. So specially take care of cleaning of PVC mats.


As per the current situation we have to choose eco-friendly yoga mat which is less harmful to the environment and you thinks like me then you must have to choose echo-friendly yoga mats.

Options: echo-friendly yoga mats are usually made from natural or recycled rubber. These type of yoga mats may also include natural materials such as jute or organic cotton or natural cotton.

Some basic buying guide: if echo-friendliness is important for you then you should avoid yoga mats made by PVC which is most sticky mats, not break easily and which is very difficult to recycle and costly to recycle.

Some echo-friendly yoga mats available for you which is made of natural Cottons, jute and Recyclable rubber. You have to take care about its texture, smoothness and your comfort too before buy or choose perfect yoga mats for you.


If you are looking for basic mats for yoga then you can choose 1/8 thick, plain solid PVC sticky yoga mats because its starts from low price range then you can buy from amazon because you have more choices to buy cheap yoga mats on amazon and most important its most trustable web portal.


If you want to buy mats with some patterns, designs or logos, premium thickness and cool textures then you have to pay more for this type of yoga mats and if you want to buy most popular yoga mats then you can also buy from amazon because there are lots of verity of exclusive yoga mats and you have to buy echo-friendliness yoga mats then you have to pay much more for that because it’s very costly but its save nature too.

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  1. STYLE

Once you have decided which specifications is useful for you like thickness, material, texture, stickiness, eco-friendliness and price. Now only one factor left to consider is style.

So, Now it’s totally depends on your choice, I can’t suggest or guide you for this because every person has different choice and preferences.

Now you can pick your favorite colour, pattern or print and after that you can buy or choose perfect yoga mats for you which suits perfect for you.


I hope How to Choose Perfect Yoga Mat for beginners 2021 guide will helped you to buy perfect yoga mat for you. If you have any doubts regarding yoga mats you can feel free to ask in comment box, we will be glad to help you.

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